Furniture You Should Have to Make a Small Room Appear Larger

I sometimes joke that nobody know the pain of interior design like I do, because my family has moved quite often in the last ten years. The search for long-term housing at a decent rent rate leaves us packing and moving on occasion, and more than once we’ve had to settle on places with small rooms. Older homes naturally do not have the spacious qualities of newer models, because these days we tend to place emphasis on size. We crave comfort and luxury, so it’s natural to visit new open houses and find enormous bathrooms and living areas. However, what if you are unable to find a newer home, and must make do with a place that is cozy, as in small?

The furnishings you place in a room can contribute to how large or small the room appears. Using certain colors and objects can trick the eye into thinking there is more space than is actually available. In turn, you may feel more comfortable in your new living room than you originally anticipated. Some items to consider adding include:

1) Bookshelves. Wall to ceiling bookshelves in a room will especially create a sense of usable space. Remember, too, that you don’t have to fill all of the space with just books. If you have collectibles or photos, create an area that helps define your home. This also creates some space on the shelves, too, giving the room an added airy look.

2) Pocket doors. Open doors enhance a sense of space in a room, which is why you don’t want to keep them shut. Removing standard doors and installing the pocket style that slides in and out is one way to maintain this space yet still permit privacy when necessary.

3) Multifunctional pieces. Ottomans that double as either coffee tables or storage are great to have in a room. Not only can you use it for more than one purpose, but it eliminates the need for extra furniture in that room. Even better, if you can find multifunctional pieces with wheels you can adjust and move where needed to create more space.

4) Mirrors. Some believe putting a mirror in a room creates a sense of space. Small bathroom, in particular, may have large wall mirrors to help compensate for any cramped feelings you may experience.

With proper placement, your furniture can help create an illusion of space and comfort in a smaller home. You may wish to check decor manuals or websites for assistance, or browse your local furniture store for ideas.