Dollhouse Furniture – Nursery and Sewing Rooms to Play “Mom”

Dollhouses are fun to play with and create an imaginative atmosphere with your children. There are two dollhouse furniture room options that you should really look at. The first is children or nursery furniture, and the second is sewing rooms. These are fun because you can really act like parents and enjoy the quality hand painted designs and the Victorian styles.

Children’s and Nurserys Dollhouse Furniture

No room in your dollhouse will be more sweet or nostalgic than a children’s room or nursery. Children’s rooms can be playful or peaceful, and the accessories you can add (toy blocks, children’s books, and even a doll’s dollhouse) are charming as can be. Depending on how you style it, children’s rooms can be lively or tranquil places, and you will love the children’s toys you can add (miniature picture books, little wagons, and even a doll’s dollhouse.

Dollhouse Laundry and Sewing Rooms

One way to bring a lot of interest to your dollhouse is to add a laundry or sewing room. Sewing rooms give a quaint, old-fashioned feel to your dollhouse, while laundry rooms are usually indicative of a more modern time. Both allow you to place a few accessories in your home (such as a box of thread or an ironing board) that will delight anyone who sees them

Hand Painted Dollhouse Furniture

Dollhouse furniture is known by, and revered for, its detail and quality. Hand painted furniture can add class to a Victorian style, or some craziness to a traditional or modern dollhouse (especially in the children’s rooms). This popular choice is not likely to fad with time and many generations will enjoy the quality and craftsmanship that when into a hand painted piece of dollhouse furniture.

Dollhouse Furniture: Victorian Era

Out of the many differing styles Victorian dollhouse furniture is by far the most popular. Victorian dollhouse furniture has the classic feel of the Victorian era – curved and rounded lines, high ended backs, and prominent detailed legs. A dollhouse filled with Victorian dollhouse furniture will be the envy of any hobbits and truly worth displaying on your own living room.